Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, New Me and All the Cliches

Today marks exactly 1 full week of being in 2016 and for once it hasn't been as terrible as the last few years have started. Last year didn't start terribly either, but it was extremely emotional for more reasons than I can count. With the exception of one moment, 2016 has been wonderful.

I've never been one to be excited about a year before, but this year I can truly say that I'm excited. Not just excited, but beyond excited. I feel so much potential for this year and so much to be excited for. While I don't know where I'm going, or what I'm doing for that matter, I just know this year is going to be the year everything changes.

While I wasn't planning to include something like this on my blog, I decided that I want to share my goals - not my resolutions, but goals. To me, resolutions are almost made to be broken, while goals are meant to be stuck to.
  • Blog at LEAST once a week for the next year (meaning at least 52 posts on here)
  • Find an upload schedule for YouTube and STICK to it
  • Continue working to the full conversion to vegetarianism
  • Remain committed to purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics (eventually remove companies with parent companies who test!)
  • Become as confident as I was living in Orlando (although extremely shaky at times)
  • Don't take "No" as an answer
  • Figure out what exactly it is I want to do with life and OWN IT
  • Truly start life the way it's meant to be started
  • Shake things up and keep people guessing
  • Create a community online and spread knowledge and positivity
  • Always be myself, no matter how weird people think I am 
I'm hoping that by the time the end of 2016 comes along, I can come back and look at this post and see the improvements I was looking to make. A lot has happened in the past few years that have beyond shaken my confidence. I've lost a lot of friends along the way and it's been extremely lonely most of the time, but I've been ok.

But now is the time to be even better.

I hope everyone has a happy and wonderful 2016. Make 2016 you be the best you ever.

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